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Welcome to The People Bottomline

The workplace changed – it is highly competitive and workplace bullying is one of the most devastating experiences any employee can be subjected to. This website is aimed at helping victims overcome the devastating effects of workplace bullying and workplace violence.

Healing the lives of employees who had been affected is achieved through sound advice and support. Employers and managers are encouraged to heal the workplace by establishing a culture of dignity and respect.


This all site promises to make the workplace better for everyone by explaining

  • what bullying or mobbing is
  • the impact such an experience will have on the victim
  • how to survive the ordeal
  • the options for support and help available
  • how employers and managers can intervene with programs
  • our excellent workplace programmes
  • workplace violence
  • sexual and racial harrassment
  • gender equality

and provide information about:

  • special programmes for the health sector
  • our Employee Wellness programmes
  • Reading material for researchers and journal articles those who want to know more about this phenomenon.
  • Women, workplace humour and how political correctness can be bullying in disguise.

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